Neusoft Dr. Liu Jiren honored with 2019 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year? Alumni Award for Societal Impact

MONACO, 05 JUNE 2019. Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Corporation (SSE: 600718), has been honored by the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ (EOY) Global Alumni Council with the 2019 EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni Award for Societal Impact. The honor distinguishes Dr. Liu, as an EOY alumnus, who in addition to achieving outstanding success in business has made an innovative, significant and lasting societal impact in communities globally.

Dr. Liu founded Neusoft from the campus of Northeastern University China in 1991. Under his leadership, Neusoft Corporation became the first listed software company in China in 1996 and now a leading IT solution and service provider in China. Today, Neusoft’s business covers IT services, healthcare, intelligent vehicle connectivity and education.

In the field of healthcare, Neusoft has been committed to leveraging emerging technologies to build a sustainable healthcare ecosystem, and bringing affordable and high-quality medical and healthcare services to more people. Neusoft established a cloud hospital model in China, which achieves online and offline integration of diagnosis and treatment through the linkage with offline hospitals. The innovation of the cloud hospital makes healthcare services available at anytime and anywhere, and today, 32 million people in China, including people in rural and remote areas, are enjoying the convenient healthcare services supported by Neusoft.

As a company founded on a university campus, Neusoft has been promoting the integration of industry and education, and established 3 Neusoft Universities of Information in China. The universities are committed to cultivating not only talented engineers but also passionate entrepreneurs, and have delivered nearly 100,000 IT professionals to different industries over the past 20 years.

Dr. Liu has been awarded with numerous honors, including Asia Innovator of the Year at the 6th CNBC Asia Business Leaders Awards, CCTV’s Top Ten China 2009 Economic Person of the Year and EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2010 China. He was also among one of the Top 100 Outstanding Private Entrepreneurs at the 40th anniversary of China’s economic reform.

Bryan Pearce, EY Global Leader – EY Entrepreneur Of The Year™, says: “Over many years, Dr. Liu has been instrumental in bringing improved access to healthcare for families in the cities and the remote communities across China. He has driven the transformation of healthcare by reshaping the existing medical service and healthcare model, and thanks to his entrepreneurial and innovative spirit he is making it easier and cheaper for individuals to take advantage of healthcare services that otherwise may not have been available to them. Similarly, Dr. Liu has promoted entrepreneurship and IT education through the creation of three Neusoft Universities of Information in China.”

Dr. Liu Jiren, Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Corporation, says: “It is a prestigious honor for me to receive the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Alumni Award for Societal Impact. Some of the world’s biggest challenges can be solved through an entrepreneurial spirit and thinking about things differently. When business objectives and the interests of society come together it can be a powerful combination, and it’s important that we do everything we can to improve the communities in which we operate.”

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